#1 EditorsKit Add-on

Typography Matters.

Easily define typography on your WordPress posts and pages directly on the Gutenberg editor. With sets of predefined Google Fonts combination you can choose from or create your own to best match your website’s branding.

Seamless Integration & Easiest Usage

Design posts and pages with beautiful typography. Seamlessly integrated on the Gutenberg editor for you to visualize font selections easily.

Block Level Typography Control

Change typography on any blocks to achieve better and stunning block patterns and page designs.

Choose from 60+ available Google Fonts with the corresponding font-weights for each of them.

Block Level Typography Control
Change typography on specific block or block with InnerBlocks content.

Full Page Level Typography Control

Design your whole posts or pages with stunning typography and Google Fonts.

You can select on pre-designed Google Font combinations or create your own to match your branding.

Easily assign page typography in few clicks.

Preset Google Font Combinations

40+ Pre-defined Google Fonts combination to choose from!

Easily select from these presets or search any font to check if there are combinations already available.

Create Your Own Combinations

You have freedom to create you own font combinations. Select from the available 60+ font selections and manage typography of the following:

  • Content and Body
  • Global or Individual Headings
  • Buttons

Tip: You can duplicate the existing presets to minimize creation steps πŸ™‚

Mix & Match. Create your own font combinations.

Set Global Typography

Save time by setting Site-wide Global Typography.

You can select from your custom combination or from the available presets in few clicks.

Available through Setting > EditorsKit.

Assign site-wide default typography.


Do you develop websites in WordPress? If so, stop reading this right now and just install this plugin. Right now. This plugin is essential. Absolutely essential. It’s also well built and with attention to details. It also seems to be built by someone who simply wants to improve Gutenberg for devs β€” something that is very much needed right now.


This plugin is a must have for all Gutenberg users – IMO WordPress should hire this guy and pay him to incorporate these features to built-in Gutenberg. It is so less pain to use it now!


Nice features help when writing and formatting text.